Our 3-Day Wedding Celebration!

This is no ordinary love and this will be no ordinary wedding.  We are hosting our wedding weekend at IslandWood on beautiful Bainbridge Island.  IslandWood is situated on 255 acres and offers couples and guests a unique and private place to celebrate. Remember your favorite memories from summer camp as a kid?  That’s IslandWood.  It’s Summer Camp…for Adults.  (That’s us!)

Many of you are traveling from places near and far and we want to be able to spend as much time and have as much fun with you as possible.  We have reserved IslandWood for the entire weekend of August 21 – 23rd.  We’ve also planned activities throughout the weekend for our guests to choose from.  Interested in a nature walk, or a tour of the treehouses on the property?   IslandWood offers that.  Want to take an art class or try geo-caching?  IslandWood has that too.

Come celebrate and spend the weekend with us at IslandWood. Let’s make some memories!

Linda 2


When you decide that you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, it’s hard to put into words exactly why you love, admire and respect them. You just feel it. It’s factual without a list to back it up. That said, Linda’s the person I want to share secrets with, she’s the one I want to be on the same team with every time. She’s the person I run to with good news and bad. She keeps me grounded, inspired, enthusiastic and driven and her love, support, advice and guidance keep me going. Did I mention she’s one hell of a cook? I mean, get out of here. It’s ridiculous.

Linda was born in Shanghai, China where she spent her early childhood practicing the art of holding chopsticks and trying to steal saltine crackers from the cupboard.She spent her formative years growing up in St. Cloud, MN. and is Warren Yu and Jenny Kang’s favorite child.


The Groom

There’s a lot to love about Ben. But I think it was his sense of humor and his generosity that first struck me. He created these photo-shop cartoons that really cracked me up, and he hasn’t stopped cracking me up ever since. He’s also incredibly kind and considerate towards other people, it sometimes take us an hour to walk a city block b/c he stops every 2 seconds to talk to someone he knows; and he’s genuinely interested in what you have to say! Ben’s also a total romantic and a really great musician. He also gives the best hugs ever.

Ben is the oldest son of Barbara Brodsky and Ned Porges, and brother to Bethany, Jason and David.

Our Story


How we met
We met at a friend’s birthday party that Linda planned and Ben crashed. (Ben is interjecting here to say that he didn’t crash the party per-say. He was invited by Melissa who, in hindsight, was setting us up). Neither of us knew it at the time, but it obviously worked out. Happy coincidence


Our first date
A few months after the birthday party that Ben may, or may not have crashed, we both met up at a summer BBQ and we were put on the same Bocce team (Ben here again to say that I was “bowled” over by her Bocce skills. I love games, and when she DOMINATED everyone at Bocce, I thought to myself, “Self… this is a woman that could keep up with me… or maybe even push me to keep up with her”), This was right around Labor Day 2011. That summer BBQ lead into a real date which started off at a place called Auto Battery (again, she schooled me in every bar game they had), and after a few hours, around what should have been the end of the date, we both felt that we had way too much to talk about and to learn about each other for the night to end so soon. It was a week day, and even though we both had to work the following morning, we said “hell with that” and moved the date to another place. Linda said she wasn’t very good at billiards, and my manliness was on the line being that she had crushed me at every game we had played so far, I naturally decided to take her to a pool hall called the Garage. We didn’t play much, but instead found ourselves at a booth at the back of the room talking, laughing, and just generally having a great time. She was (and still is) one of the funniest people I had ever met. I was having so much fun, I just didn’t want the date to end. 4 years later, I feel the same. I don’t want our date to end.


Opposites Attact
Ben and Linda spent much of their first year discovering each other’s personality and quirks.  They say that opposites attract…well, there was attraction in spades.  Ben loved scary movies.  Linda liked nothing more than a historical romance with horses falling in love.  Ben had a sweet tooth (and still does).  Linda could eat Doritos for breakfast (and still does). Ben loved adventuring in Seattle.  Linda was constantly planning her next trip somewhere exotic.  One thing they always agreed on was how much they enjoyed each other’s company every time and anywhere.


An Eventful Year
Lots happened in 2013.  We traveled the globe and somewhere along the way realized that we had as much fun on the journey as we did at the destination. Friends were made. Jobs were found. Selfies were taken by the hundreds.


The Proposal
We were engaged in September 2014, on a trip to Ireland.  Ben had been planning it for a few months, but Linda had no idea. They were there for a Dave and Hillary’s wedding in beautiful Killarney. The day after the wedding, Ben took Linda out on a hike to see a 450 year old ruin called Muckross Abbey. I mean, if that’s not romance, I don’t know what is. The day had started out sunny, but when we got to the ruin, it started to pour buckets of rain. We waited out the storm under a small and narrow, crumbling archway while it thundered and poured around us. After 45 minutes of admiring the scene (and Ben to get up his nerve) Linda had enough rain and suggested start our hike back to the hotel. As we were leaving,  Ben suggested we take one last picture to remember the moment. He ran out into the rain, propped up his camera against a rock to take a timed photo. Then he turned around, knelt on one knee and popped the big question. Linda happily said yes (phew!) Then they walked back hand-in-hand in the rain back to the hotel, without feeling one drop, and smiling the entire way.

August 22nd 2015

The Wedding
The day I become Mr. Yu

Our Families



Jenny Kang

There’s a great story that my mother once climbed over a 15 meter locked gate to keep a promise to a little girl. You should ask her about it.  But that is my mother to a T.  Someone you could count on through thick and thin; someone who will move mountains for you. She’s the first one up and the last to bed.  She’s the household handyman, the gardner and the one who keeps us all fed. Mom never met a challenge she wasn’t up for.  Her most recent challenge is learning the art of ice fishing.  Since retiring, mom and dad have traveled throughout China and the U.S., including the great state of Alaska, on a recent cruise in summer 2014.

Warren Yu

My dad is one cool, smart, creative and courageous guy.  Many years ago, he left his family and everything he knew to make a new life in the U.S. My whole life and the many opportunities that I’ve had would not have been possible had it not been for his courage to tread into the unknown.  My father has been a great tour guide through life’s many adventures.  He introduced me to my first piano, my first tennis racket, my first taste of sushi, my first passport. A retired professor, my dad has taught me many invaluable life lessons and a few practical ones as well (mostly about calculus).  Dad is happily spending his retirement brushing up on his French and learning the very tricky art of the Argentine Tango.



Barbara Brodsky

I met Barbara on a Sunday morning on July 2nd 1978. From that day on, she gave me everything a boy could ask for and much more. My mom and I have been friends my entire life, and I owe her pretty much everything in this world as she was my role model (or role-moldy), my favorite teacher and the best life coach ever. If you haven’t met her yet, you’re really missing out. She’s one in a million.

Ned Porges

My Dad has a sense of humor that once you figure out, you see the genius in it. He showed by example that trying new things was not only fun, but so important. He believes in the power and importance of family and history, and is always up for a philosophical discussion. He instilled valuable life lessons in each of us and I’ll be forever grateful to him for passing them along.

David Brodsky-Porges

David is the brother who raises the bar of style in our family. I’m not kidding, the man knows how to make a cardigan sweater look natural, even while hiking in Europe. His easy going nature and sense of humor makes him one of best people to be around and he always knows what to say to get everyone on the same side. If ‘old soul’s’ are really a thing, he’s one for sure. He’s shown me through example on more than one occasion how to be a better person, and I can’t imagine our family without him.

Jason Brodsky-Porges

Jason has a natural charm and ability to make anyone have a better day. He could probably get a rock to cry with laughter. He’s smart, funny, sensitive and always looking out for a way to better himself. When he’s not teaching himself a new skill (like a new language, or science) he likes to be in the center of the action. He’s someone that you just can’t help love and cheer for. He’s the youngest of our family, one of my all time favorite people in this world.

Bethany Millan

I was never more excited to meet someone than my sister Bethany. She became a permanent addition to the family when I was 5, and from that day on, she ran the house. We were probably all better for it too. She’s our family’s power-house-take-no-prisoners-lovable leader and has guided team Brodsky on some amazing travels and adventures. Her high energy and enthusiasm for life is infectious and you can’t help but follow her anywhere she wants to go.


Jake Millan

We’re SO lucky to have Jake in our family. He’s a big brothers, big brother and is the only person I’ve ever met to have more excitement for life than his wife, my sister. He always comes prepared with an insightful quote in the chamber, and can tell you the exact stats and reasons why we need to treat the earth better and with more care. He’s our family’s crusader, and the best story-teller for miles.

Weekend Schedule

We were so excited to have all of our favorite people in one place at the same time, we couldn’t just limit ourselves to one evening, so the idea of the 3 day weekend wedding was born. Come on Friday for our welcome dinner and bonfire, then on Saturday we’re sharing our favorite activities, playing lots of games, oh, and there’s a wedding too. Then on Sunday, stay for brunch and a few last hugs.

Friday, August 21, 2015

icons-014:00 PM
Check-In for Wedding Weekend Extravaganza!
icons-027:00 PM
Welcome Dinner
icons-039:00 PM
Friendship Circle @ Firepit

Saturday, August 22, 2015

icons-049:00 AM
icons-0511:00 AM - 4:00pm
icons-065:30 PM
Ceremony @ Knobby Tree
icons-076:00 PM
icons-087:00 PM
Dinner & Reception

Sunday, August 23, 2015

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icons-0912:00 PM

Wedding Info


4450 Blakey Avenue NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
Thank you for joining us on the big day!

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